Christmas Campaign 2018

The 2018 Christmas campaign we developed for CHRIST celebrated the universal nature of love. Regardless of race, religion, gender or age, the love that we feel for one another brings us together. Love knows no limits and acts as a unifying force for all humanity. This simple but powerful message was communicated through the campaingn headline: LOVE IS UNLIMITED.

The LOVE IS UNLIMITED campaign included the creation of two different social media spots together with production company PROFASHIONAL: one product-focused and the other presenting CHRIST as the best choice for a jeweller for the festive season. The 30-second main spots were adapted to various online and social media formats including 15-second instagram spots and 6-second bumper ads.

We also created a photo campaign in collaboration with Gabo to provide stills for communications across various channels including outdoor media, POS communications, a seasonal magalog and packaging.

The LOVE IS UNLIMITED campaign was a bold move for the CHRIST brand and was well received by the industry. An article published by W&V (in german) can be accessed here.

Project Details

Christmas Campaign 2018
Film & Photography, Windows & Installations, POS & Instore Graphics, Production & Rollout
Fashion, Retail